Improve Performance
& team productivity

A very small set of features to help teams find
offensive SQL queries easier and focus on building.

Offensive SQL Monitoring

Get the offensive SQL queries
degrading your database.

DB Load & Locks Visibility

See what's happening in your database
in near real time.


Get insights and recommendations to improve performance and reduce costs.

All in one Dashboard

A single dashboard for all your DB engines.
From Postgres to Oracle to SAP HANA, etc.

Team Collaboration

Give DB visibility to your developers, PM, analysts and stakeholders.

Anomaly Detection

Get alerted when your DB behavior changes or hit some custom thresholds.

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find most commom questions
we've answered so far.

What is Nazar?

Nazar is a slow queries monitoring tool to help IT teams identifying the root causes of their performance issues and collaborate to fix them faster and prevent future issues.

How it works?

Nazar monitors slow queries. As default we collect all queries that take longer than 100 ms, but this value can be modified depending on your use case.

Does it monitor CPU or memory?

No, we consider the behavior of CPU or memory usage, for example, as a symptom of your performance issues. By tracking slow queries, you can link these spikes to trends seen in other metric graphs. Poorly written SQL code is often the underlying cause of these performance problems.

Which databases can I monitor?

Nazar can monitor the following relational database flavors: Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server, Maria DB, Aurora, Oracle, SAP Hana. It's available for every cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments. One great advantage is that you can monitor multiple database engines in the same dashboard with a normalized view about all your database ecosystem.

How do I pay for Nazar?

We accept credit cards (via Stripe) or "boleto" (for brazilian customers only).

Do you offer any trial?

Yes. We offer a 7-day trial period but you need to get in touch with our sales team.

How do I cancel my SaaS subscription?

You can cancel it any time.

Which notifications method do you support?

Our alerts system uses email to communicate with your team.

My database is on-premises, does it work?

Yes. It works in hybrid environments. We also offer a Self-hosted version of the product.

Does it degrade my app's performance?

It periodically uses some CPU and memory resources, but doesn't enough to cause harm to the environment.

Pricing built for businesses
of all sizes

Simple pricing. Billed annually.

Per database host,
per month*

*Billed annually

Slow queries monitoring
All in one dashboard
Anomaly detection
Email support
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Per database host,
per month*

*Billed annually

Everything in Standard +
DB Load, Locks, Sessions
SQL.AI assistant
Team collaboration
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For enterprises

Everything in Pro +
Self-host in your own VPC
API integration
SaaS support
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Monitor, Learn &

NAZAR.AI is the platform for teams that need to improve database performance keeping the costs optimized. It provides the tools to monitor the offensive SQL queries, learn with the data and optimize the costs.

Hop on a call with us and one of our engineers will provide a live demonstration of the NAZAR.AI platform.Get a demo

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